Our Story

Our Story

We are merely a group of entrepreneurs with professional careers spanning across various parts of the middle east and India. Each one of our directors’ hail from multiple knowledge base, careers, backgrounds, locality, and expertise.

Not long ago we all had our own share of failures venturing into small business startups. Anything we did started with some good income and then came the challenges of managing core aspects of any business typically in operations, sales, accounts, marketing, HR and so on. We realized that lack of knowledge, resources, and what we call as seasonal revenue among other aspects cannot sustain or grow any business even when applying the best ideas.

But our story changed when we decided to partner together and learn from our mistakes. We came to grips with how to initiate business startups and deploy systematic workable management concepts, strategically launch products and services, understand regional market ecosystems, deploy information systems and smart applications, utilize effective tools for business analysis, operate efficiently, enhance skills and competencies, build customer trust, establish unique business and selling attributes, and have long term business missions and visions.

With a clearly drafted roadmap, by January 2019 together we launched our first company Le’Mina Global Businesses Private Limited in Mumbai, India. Today the company owns several brands and as a group have established many subsidiaries. Sachem Global Information Systems Private Limited is the group IT Company established in Mumbai, India since February 2019.

Through the group’s various collaborations, such as Ascent Porta Solutions and so on, came another tech startup with the concept of karpetarea.com. With industry expertise, locale based, service oriented for both property developers and buyers, and having it all on a single portal, are some of our basic foundations. Scroll through our services and you might find common interests and perhaps consider partnering with us in your real estate and property ventures. Thank You for visiting and look forward to hearing from you soon. karpetarea.com is a technology based real estate portal under Le’Mina Global Businesses Private Limited based in Thane, Maharashtra, India.